San Rocco a Pilli (Siena)
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Tuscany Camp is located within a suggestive and marvelous villa built in 1700 by the noble family Borghesi Bighi.


Inside the villa there are two workout gyms, a pool with an underwater treadmill and a motor for running and swimming against the current, a physical therapy center with a wide array of machines, including Human Tecar.

Services & Support

The villa is situated 100 metres from the center of San Rocco A Pilli, 500 metres from the medical and physical therapy facilities, and directly adjacent to the training paths.  Our private 400 metre packed dirt track and 1km cross-country course are only 2km away, and the track and field stadium for the city of Siena is a short 10 minute drive.

The villa also provides many amenities for free time, including a game room (ping pong, foosball, pool) and a volleyball field.  The kitchen adapts to the needs of the athletes, with meals prepared and curated by the Tuscany Camp cook.  The area around the villa is open and includes an Italian garden, rose garden and vegetable garden where the Camp grows its own vegetables.

Altitude Training

Altitude training has a key role both for the improvement of athletic performances and for its positive cardiovascular effects.

For its altitude training sessions, Tuscany Camp carries its athletes to Mount Amiata (1,734 meters above sea level), in the municipalities of Abbadia San Salvatore and Seggiano. These mountain areas, just 60 minutes away from the Camp, are home to undulating paths in the woods or on asphalt, with perfect weather almost all year long.

Furthermore, descending to the village of Abbadia San Salvatore (830m above sea level) takes no more than a 10’ diversion. Here, our athletes can make use of a regulation-size tartan track with a 600m grass track on the outer ring, an excellent training ground for both quality training and cross-country. Indeed, Mount Amiata is a great location where to sleep and train for a few of days. Do light-intensity altitude training sessions, and then go down in just 10 minutes to the height of 800/400 meters, an ideal altitude to carry out more intense and specific workouts.

Finally, the area also hosts a fantastic thermal location in Bagni San Filippo, with both hot and cold water.

Wellness & Regeneration

In addition to the Physiotherapeutic Centre and the possibility to administer relaxation techniques and psychotherapeutic assistance, the Petriolo hot thermal springs are in the immediate surroundings of Tuscany Camp (10 min). This area offers thermal water up to 43 degrees on top of the adjacent cold river. Indeed, it is a great place to practice a natural hot / cold therapy, which stands out as an extremely effective method to prevent injuries and to speed up psychophysical recovery times.