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Athletes discovered and trained at Tuscany Camp

Tuscany Camp’s Champions

Tuscany Camp is a top-class facility aimed at both professional and recreational runners, providing medical and physiotherapeutic assistance along with touristic reception tailored to the needs of sport enthusiasts. Currently, the TC Team consists of twelve athletes in Italy, including Italian runner Stefano La Rosa, 2 Burundian, 6 Ugandan men and 3 Ugandan women. The Bukwo Camp in Uganda hosts a constant average of fifteen young talents willing to stand out. Should their talent allow them to take on new challenges, they will reach Europe to join the local Tuscany Camp.

Oscar Chelimo, Uganda

  • 3rd in the 5,000 m, 2022 Oregon World Athletics Championships
  • 3rd in U20 category, 2019 Åhrus World Athletics Cross Country Championships
  • Finalist in the 5,000 m, Tokyo Olympics
  • 1st in the 3,000 m, 2018 Buenos Aires Young Olympics

Yohanes Chiappinelli, Italia

  • 3rd in 3,000 m steeplechase, 2018 Berlin European Athletics Championships
  • 8th, 2022 Torino European Cross Country Championships
  • 2nd teams, 2022 Torino European Cross Country Championships
  • 1st in 3,000 steeplechase, 2017 Bydgoszcz European Championships U23
  • 1st in 3,000 steeplechase, 2015 Eskilstuna European Championships U20
  • 1st in Half Marathon, 2022 Pisa Italian Championships

Olivier Irabaruta, Burundi

  • National record holder for marathon: 2h07’13”
  • 39th, 2021 Tokyo Olympics
  • 2nd, 2022 Zurich Marathon
  • 1st, 2020 Reggio Emilia Marathon
  • 2nd, 2019 Port Marathon

Egide Ntakarutimana, Burundi

  • 18th in 5,000m, 2022 Oregon World Athletics Championships
  • 1st in 5,000m, Rovereto International, with 13’08″

Mohamed Amin Jhinaoui, Tunisia

  • 8th in 3,000m steeplechase, 2022 Oregon World Athletics Championships
  • 3rd, 2023 International Cross Country Cinque Mulini
  • 9th in 3,000m steeplechase, 2019 Bydgoszcz European Championships U20

Samuel Kibet, Uganda

  • 1st Mountain Running World Championship, Thailand 2022
  • 9th Åhrus 2019 World Athletics Cross Country Championships in U20 category

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Vittore Simone Borromini, Italia

  • One of the best Italian prospects in middle distance
  • 3rd, 2022 Banska Bystrica European Youth Olympic Festival
  • 1st in 2,000m, 2022 Italian Championships U16
  • 1st, 2022 Italian Cross Championships U16
  • Winner, U20 2022 Campaccio International Cross

Yves Nimubona, 1998, Ruanda

  • PB of 13’15” in the 5000m
  • 5th place in the 5000m, 2022 Commonwealth Games

Francine Niyomukunzi, Burundi

  • National record holder for Half Marathon, with 1h08’21”
  • Winner of the 2021 Half Marathon in Rome
  • Qualifier, 2020 Half Marathon in Gydna, Åhrus 2019 World Championship, and Kampala 2017 World Championship

Rihab Dhahri, 2003, Tunisia

  • New entry
  • 4th in U20 Cali World Championship in 3000m steeplechase
  • 2nd Mediterranean Games U23 in 3000m steeplechase

Jean De Dieu Butoyi, Burundi

  • 1st in 1,500m, 2014 Buenos Aires Youth Olympics

Lionel Nihimbazwe, Burundi

  • 5th in 3,000m, Nairobi 2021 World Championships U20

Onesphore Nzikwinkunda, Burundi

  • 14th, Åhrus 2019 World Athletics Cross Country Championships
  • Qualifier, Doha 2019, London 2017 and Kampala 2019 World Championships
  • Winner, Giro di Castelbuono

Therence Bizoza, 2004, Burundi

  • New entry in Tuscany Camp, Burundian record for half marathon 61’30”, 2022
  • World championship cross team

Francesco Mazza, 2005, Italia

  • National team European Championship U18 2022 Jerusalem in 3000m, 8’26” 8th

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Federica Borromini, Italia

  • Convocated in U19 National Team at the 2022 International Mountain Running Cup
  • 4th in 2,000m, 2021 Campionati Italiani Cadetti

Jean Marie Bukuru, Burundi

  • Young and promising new entry for Tuscany Camp
  • 10th in 5,000m, Nairobi 2022 U20 World Championship

Ademe Cuneo, Italia

  • Twice member of National Italian Cross team U20

Luca Milanesi, 2009, Italia

  • New entry, young emergent talent

Simon Rugut Kipngetich, Uganda

  • Official Pacer in various international marathons
  • Winner of the Treviso and Trieste Marathons