San Rocco a Pilli (Siena)
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Professional sports and athletics center

Come to train and stay in a wonderful place, the Val di Merse area, together with great international champions, assisted by an excellent Technical, Medical and Physiotherapic staff.

Discover the routes where the athletes who made the history of world athletics lived and trained.

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Top-level athletics

Tuscany Camp is the place in which young talents and full-fledged track and field champions can train in groups amid stunning scenarios, supported by a highly experienced medical and physiotherapeutic team. Under the guidance of Coach Giuseppe Giambrone, Tuscany Camp’s athletes achieved important results at a global level for middle- and long-distance running over the past few years.

Medical & Physiotherapeutic Assistance

Tuscany Camp provides the athletes with a full medical and physiotherapeutic service, thanks to the presence of an on-site Medical Centre hosting 40 specialists, including three physiotherapists, a Rheumatologist, an ultrasound specialist and an osteopath who are at the athlete’s full disposal. The San Rocco Medical Centre represents a landmark in healthcare assistance for the citizens of the whole Province of Siena.

The Team

The Tuscany Camp project was born out of an idea of Coach Giuseppe Giambrone, with the support of Professor Marco Bonifazi, Sports Medicine Doctor, Physiologist and Technical Coordinator of the Italian Swimming Federation Research Centre, along with Professor Tommaso Ticali, who has coached a number of accomplished champions over the years and was the mentor of Mr Giambrone himself.

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Top-class Sport Tourism

A growing number of sport enthusiasts from all across the world choose Tuscany Camp as their logistic base for sports training and competition due to its complete range of services. Tuscany Camp offers runners the possibility to spend a pleasant holiday training with world champions and improving their results.

Uganda Camp

The project was born after Mr Giambrone’s experience in Uganda, more specifically at the Bukwo Training Camp, a suggestive location that gave birth to numerous champions. Nowadays, Tuscany Camp supports the Camp both financially and technically, in order to offer young talents a chance to reveal themselves, followed by on-site specialised coaches.

Social Mission

Tuscany Camp trains its athletes to achieve great results in athletics competitions as well as in their own lives. Tuscany Camp constantly supports its great Ugandan champions in their integration process within Italy’s social fabric and the management of their professional careers. 

Medical & Physiotherapeutic Assistance


Our Team’s mondial achievements from 2014 to today

8 Bronze Medals

5 Silver Medals

7 Gold Medals


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Tuscany Camp Hotel Castello

Tuscany Camp Hotel Castello

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Tuscany Camp Hotel Castello

Tuscany Camp Hotel Castello

Tuscany Camp Hotel Castello

Tuscany Camp Hotel Castello


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